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How to keep your wooden furniture looking its best

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil

An all-in-one hard wax oil offering exceptional protection

Features and Highlights

· An exceptionally durable blend of waxes and oils for pine furniture and other interior wood

· Scratch and scuff resistant whilst protecting against liquid spills

· Does not crack, flake, peel, or blister

· Easily maintained and restored

· Safe for humans, animals, and plants when dry

· Extremely high VOC


Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is a highly versatile finishing oil made from a blend of natural vegetable oils and waxes. Perfect for use on pine furniture.

· This product can be intermixed and used in conjunction with the Fiddes hard wax oil tints range

· To retain the natural, untreated look of wood, you can use Fiddes natural hard wax oil


Regular cleaning

For day-to-day cleaning surfaces treated with Fiddes Hard Wax Oil can be dry wiped, swept or vacuumed

Deep cleaning

To clean surface scuffs, marks, and stains, use Fiddes floor surface cleaner and a damp cloth (not wet) microfibre cloth.

Please note: Although Fiddes cleaner is named Floor surface cleaner it can be used on any surface treated with Fiddes hard Wax Oil including floors, furniture, tabletops, and kitchen work worktops


Scuffs, stains, marks, and minor scratches can be quickly and easily repaired

Minor blemishes can be removed by buffing with a cloth or brush

Light damage such as stains can easily be repaired by light sanding and reapplying a fresh coat of hard wax oil

Heavy damage including scratches can be easily repaired by sanding the affected area, back to the bare wood if necessary and re-applying a fresh coat of the Hard Wax oil


Q. Is the hard wax oil durable enough for a tabletop?

A. Absolutely, this product is perfect for any wooden items requiring good protection. Another big advantage of this product is that repairs are extremely easy to do should the need arise

Q. Is hard wax oil any different from linseed oil or Danish oil?

A. Its better because the wax content keeps the oil suspended in the surface of the wood for longer. This mean that it is a more durable oil, and that maintenance is required less frequently.

Q. Can I use a steam cleaner to clean my oiled furniture?

A. In short, "No". Oiled and waxed finishes on furniture are 'Micro-porous' which means that although the wood is protected, it can still breathe as it is not completely sealed as it would be with a varnish. Cleaning oiled or waxed pine furniture with a steam cleaner introduces high temperature and pressure water which can strip and penetrate the oiled or waxed finish and potentially damage the wooden furniture

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