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Team Kellow Woodcraft

Updated: Jan 8

Hello there, we are a family ran business and in one way or another your first contact will be with either Stuart or Louise Kellow. Once we have communicated with you through our different platforms like Etsy, WhatsAp, eBay, Facebook, Instagram or email to confirm your order we then get busy making your furniture. The wood we use is pine and it is great to work with. Over time we have been involved in creating lots of new designs including storage units, pedestal tables, larder kitchen units and much more. Our beautiful yet simple style of farmhouse wooden furniture is why people love to come to us with their ideas which we then handcraft into reality. We were very lucky to get a unit based in Warminster which is in a prime location on a trading estate. For both of us working with wood is our happy place and we are fortunate to live our dream of making quality furniture for you. We deliver most of the furniture ourselves in our lovely blue van so you can see us coming! Christmas was the best craziest busy time of our lives and we loved the challenge of getting everything finished. After an eventful year together we would like to say a big thank you for your support and faith in our business.

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